Counter Fraud

We offer a broad range of Counter Fraud courses, including ACFS, Document Forensics, and OSINT.

Our courses are delivered through classroom, blended and online learning. See below for more details on each of our Counter Fraud courses, and information on how to book.

Classroom Blended
The learning material in this Programme has been developed by Counter Fraud Professionals and provides a comprehensive suite of modules which, on successful completion, will allow students to carry out the full range of duties of the Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist in a professional manner. The ACFS continues to be the industry standard for all those wanting to have a career in Counter Fraud investigation.
Accredited Counter Fraud Technician
Classroom Blended
This course provides specialist training for those working in a supporting role on a counter fraud unit. Although the learning material does not cover the full range included within the ACFS Programme, on successful completion it will allow students to carry out their support duties in an informed and professional manner.
Authorised Officer Powers (Intelligence Gathering)
Classroom Blended
This course will equip those officers who are to be appointed as Authorised Officers and all Counter Fraud staff who apply for intelligence with the knowledge required to accurately and lawfully implement the powers under the Social Security Fraud Act 2001 or the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act (Powers to Require Information) Regulations 2014.
Authorised Officer Powers (Investigators)
Classroom Blended
To equip those officers who are to be appointed as Authorised Officers under the Social Security Administration Act 1992 with the knowledge required to accurately and lawfully implement the powers to gather evidence from employers etc.
Court Procedures
Classroom Blended
To provide all staff who work in a counter fraud environment with an understanding of court procedures and the skills and knowledge to present evidence clearly and effectively when giving evidence in chief and whilst under cross examination.
Data Analytics for Counter Fraud Professionals (Foundation)
Classroom Blended
This course teaches students the fundamentals of data analytics, and how to use that skill set to analyse transaction and customer data to identify fraudulent or malicious activity. Whilst the skills learnt in this course can be applied to any database/analysis software, the afternoon is taught in either Microsoft Excel or SQL.
Digital Document Fraud
Classroom Online
As our interactions with companies shifts online, it’s becoming increasingly common for requests of digital identification to ascertain the true identity of the customer. Unfortunately, digital documents are much more easily tampered with, copied or faked than hard copies. The Digital Document Fraud course teaches ways to detect this and involves both a theory and a practical element, a final knowledge check, and a written assessment with individual feedback. 
Evidence Gathering
Classroom Blended
The training provides Counter Fraud staff with the necessary skills and abilities to gather evidence and further an investigation to a professional standard. Their duties could include carrying out enquiries in to both external and internal fraud and corruption investigations or the quality assurance of investigations.
Identity Document Fraud 
Classroom Blended
The training provides Counter Fraud Investigators and non-fraud staff whose duties include the checking and examination of documents used to confirm identity, with the skills and knowledge to effectively identify forged, counterfeit or fake documents.  Students are able to examine a variety of travel documents and other secure documents with the use of forgery detection equipment.  The course is delivered by an experienced and qualified Counter Fraud Specialist and trainer who was the document examiner for the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command at New Scotland Yard.  He was also attached to the National Document Forgery Unit working on advanced forgery detection of a variety of official documents. 
Investigating Fraud On The Dark Web
Classroom Online
In recent years, underground markets on the Dark Web have been seen to sell all manner of customer data, financial data, fake document kits and fraud tutorials (see ‘The truth about the dark web fraud trade’). The use of the Dark Web in fraud is growing, and therefore it is vital for counter-fraud investigators to be able to understand the threat it poses to their businesses/organisations and be able to mitigate that threat when possible.

This course was created to give counter-fraud investigators the tools and experience needed to detect and mitigate fraud threats emerging from the Dark Web. The course will give students a practical understanding of the Dark Web, along with the skills and tools necessary to immediately begin investigations into fraud on the Dark Web.

Legislation (Criminal Offences)
The course will provide Counter Fraud Investigators and Managers who wish to develop their understanding of legislation or update their knowledge covering changes to effectively apply legislation that governs the investigation process and procedure.
Legislation (Governing)
The course will provide Counter Fraud Investigators and Managers with the necessary knowledge and understanding to effectively apply legislation that governs the investigation process and procedure.
Managing the Active Defence
Classroom Blended
This one day course will provide Counter Fraud Investigators with an overview of how defence lawyers approach interviews and pre-trial disclosure using Active Defence tactics.
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Classroom Online
A two day course consisting of practical and operationally usable methodologies which students will be able to apply immediately. A practical session on day 2 takes the students through conducting a ‘real world’ deployment, involving planning an OSINT gathering operation, gathering intelligence about a number of subjects, and then putting together the findings into a professional standard report. 

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