Counter Fraud

Legislation (Criminal Offences)


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What the training covers

  • Interpreting legislation including the meaning of extent, commencement, penalties, gender and number when used in legislation
  • The common terminology used in legislation and the criminal justice system
  • Defining the terms offences, inchoate offences, summary and indictable
  • What is meant by mens rea, actus reus, gain and loss
  • The criminal legislation and common law offences used to counter fraud
  • Relevant case law and precedent
  • The meaning of professionalism to the investigation of offences
  • The points to prove from a series of offences
  • Using case study material demonstrate the learning

Students have the opportunity to assess their learning through the completion of a multiple choice question test and, on successful completion, receive a certificate to evidence their Continuing Professional Development. The course is delivered by experienced and qualified Counter Fraud trainers who are subject matter experts in their field.


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