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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Online

This course gives students a strong foundation in a wide variety of open source methodologies and advanced social media intelligence gathering techniques which will allow students to safely investigate subjects of interest through the internet, social media and other open source channels.

On top of the learning modules, the course also takes students through an entire OSINT investigation step-by-step, giving them the confidence to undertake their own investigations and write full, professional reports on their findings, in line with the globally recognised Intelligence Cycle.

This course is fully online and can be taken at the student’s own pace. It involves a number of in-course assessments along with a final set of written assessments, with individual feedback for each student.

What the training covers

The course includes modules on:

  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Understanding the Internet and networking
  • Online operational security (including VPNs and other anonymising technologies)
  • Advanced online search methodology
  • Phone and Email analysis
  • Advanced Social Media OSINT methodologies (including specific sub-modules on Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • File analysis
  • Recording and evidencing findings
  • Conducting an OSINT investigation in line with the Intelligence Cycle
  • Creating a professional OSINT report 

This course can be taken at any time and there are no set enrolment or completion dates. A classroom based version of this course is also available.


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Classroom

A very interactive two day course consisting of practical and operationally usable methodologies which students will be able to apply immediately. A practical session on day two takes the students through conducting a ‘real world’ deployment, involving planning an OSINT gathering operation, gathering intelligence about a number of subjects, and then putting together the findings into a professional standard report.

The course attempts to be ‘system agnostic’ so is not tied to any particular tools, software or services. Whilst the course requires a basic level of computer skill, it requires no pre-existing skill set and will be understood by anyone familiar with computers and the internet. This course can include a day of Digital Document Fraud (in between day one and two). The practical exercise will be adapted to test both OSINT and Digital Document Fraud skills.

What the training covers

  • Understanding what OSINT is
  • How OSINT can help combat fraud and deception
  • The uses and limitations of OSINT
  • What is the intelligence cycle?
  • How does OSINT fit?
  • Legal aspects of OSINT
  • Basics of networking (IP addresses, VPNs etc.)
  • Anonymity and staying safe online
  • Recording and documenting your deployment
  • Planning an OSINT operation
  • Creating a ‘profile’ of a subject
  • ‘Frontline’ OSINT checks and searches
  • Advanced methodologies for gathering intelligence on the main Social Media platforms
  • Developing leads and corroborating evidence
  • Practical exercises in gathering intelligence online
  • Avoiding intelligence bias
  • Identifying fake profiles/accounts
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes in OSINT
  • Designing an OSINT report
  • Developing OSINT as a capability
  • Undertake a ‘real world’ practical exercise to reinforce the skills learnt through previous sessions
  • Understand how to divide OSINT tasks for the best use of time and resources
  • Understand how to create a professional OSINT report of the findings
  • Next steps and developing knowledge



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