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Whilst every organisation is at risk from digital threats, those dealing with financial, customer, and sensitive data are at even greater risk.

The PDA Digital Safety and Security course has been created to give such teams a greater level of understanding of the risks they will face and how to tackle them.

What the Digital Safety and Security (DS&S) Programme covers

The PDA Digital Safety and Security course has been designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of digital safety and security, including the risks, prevention, and mitigation strategies. It teaches best practice so that students feel confident and secure in their day-to-day work.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Core principles of risk and security
  • Computer and internet security
    • Technical foundation
    • VPNs and browsers
    • Safe browsing
    • Malware and ransomware
  • Email security
    • Best practices in email security
    • Identifying phishing and fraudulent emails
  • Device security
    • Smart devices
    • Physical security
    • Emerging technologies
  • Data security
    • Data security principles and best practices
    • An overview of GDPR

Each section follows a similar format:

  • Understanding the technology in question
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the core methods of prevention and mitigation?

Each section finishes with a knowledge check to make sure that students fully understand the area and can apply that understanding in a practical fashion.

Who should attend?

Whilst your organisation may have their own digital safety course, the PDA Digital Safety and Security course goes beyond the basics and provides both students and organisations with a comprehensive and practical understanding of the current risks and methods of mitigation.

Along with general digital risk, the PDA Digital Safety and Security course focusses on the threat of fraud and the specific threats that counter fraud, AML and KYC teams may face.

Whilst any team may benefit, this course is ideal for:

  • Verification, AML and KYC teams
  • Customer service teams
  • IT and technical support teams
  • HR and recruitment teams
  • Public sector and local authority teams.

How will you be taught?

The course is delivered through our online learning platform.

The training consists of both theory and practical exercises that give students the skills they need to keep themselves and their organisation safe from digital threats. Throughout the course their progress is monitored closely to make sure they advance through the course smoothly.

Assessment and Accreditation Criteria

The Digital Safety and Security course is assessed via five knowledge checks that will ensure all students have a practical understanding of the material. During the course, students may also receive feedback questions and exercises from the trainer to help with their learning. 

Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification.


This online course takes between 3-6 hours to complete.

The course can be completed at the student’s own pace, with no time limits or deadlines.

Why choose PDA?

  • We have a proven track record in the delivery of counter fraud learning programmes
  • The confidence of knowing that 60% of our business is from returning customers
  • We work in partnership with all of our customers to provide effective learning solutions
  • The learning is enhanced through the use of real-life case studies
  • Students get the chance to assess their level of knowledge through the completion of practical exercises, tests, and written assignments
  • Our learning provides students with the practical skills and knowledge to effectively carry out their role
  • Full post programme support is provided for students with direct access to trainers
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