Counter Fraud

Managing the Active Defence

The aim of this one day course is to provide Counter Fraud Officers with an overview of how defence lawyers approach interviews and pre-trial disclosure using Active Defence tactics.

The course provides students with the following skills and knowledge to:

  • Confidently prepare for the presence of a legal advisor
  • State who can be a legal advisor
  • Deal professionally with a legal advisor prior to interview
  • Understand what information must be given to the legal advisor
  • Handle pre interview disclosure briefing sessions
  • Explain the Law Society guidelines on active defence
  • State when and how a solicitor can make interventions
  • State when and how a solicitor can advise their client
  • Handle professionally any prepared statement introduced at interview
  • Handle any representation made by the defence lawyer and to take the appropriate steps to record it
  • Introduce evidence of bad character where appropriate
  • Confidently handle legal representatives who use active defence tactics to try and undermine your case
  • Work with prosecution lawyers on pre-trial disclosure under the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996
  • Describe the responsibilities of the disclosure officer under the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996
  • Understand the disclosure officers role following a defence statement
  • Understand how defence lawyers manage restrictions on the disclosure of unused material
  • Recognise when defence lawyers are using active defence tactics prior to trial
  • Demonstrate your ability to handle a legal advisor at an interview in a short role play

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