Counter Fraud Strategy

Procurement Fraud (A Comprehensive Strategy)

This three day course was developed for a client in Kuala Lumpur and provides students with the knowledge and skills to prevent, detect and investigate instances of procurement fraud in a professional manner.

The course provides students with an understanding of: 

  • Definitions of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption
  • Definition of Procurement Fraud
  • Prevention, Deterrence and Detection
  • Types of Procurement Fraud and Related Frauds
  • Legislation and Procurement Fraud
  • Investigation Strategy
  • Difficulties in Investigating Procurement Fraud
  • Corruption Indicators
  • Red Flags
  • The Profile of a Fraudster
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Open Source Intelligence Enquiries
  • The Allegation and Its Evaluation
  • The Investigation
  • What Laws are Involved
  • Who Should be Involved in the Investigation
  • Company Policies
  • Some Practicalities
  • Procurement Investigation Framework


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