Investigative Interviewing

We offer a range of Investigative Interviewing courses.

Our courses are delivered through classroom, blended and online learning. 

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Investigative Interviewing
Classroom Blended
Not all investigative interviews require a caution to be administered and typically take the form of a fact-finding interview. The course provides all investigative interviewers with the necessary skills and abilities to conduct interviews effectively, fairly, professionally and in accordance with the law.
Investigative Interviewing (Enhanced)
Classroom Blended
The course builds on the investigative interviewing skills of an experienced ACFS and provides them with an opportunity to develop those skills using relevant case studies.
Investigative Interviewing Under Caution
Classroom Blended
This course will provide investigative interviewers whose duties include carrying out investigative interviews with suspects under caution and Counter Fraud Managers whose duties include the quality assurance of interviews and investigations with the skills and knowledge to legally undertake investigative interviews, using the PEACE model of interviewing and, in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 and associated Codes of Practice
Legislation, Evidence and Investigative Interviewing
Classroom Blended
This two day course has been developed by PDA for a client working in the regulatory sector and is an excellent example of how different aspects of the investigative process can be combined to tailor training. The course is designed to ensure allegations of regulatory non-compliance are investigated using good governance, knowledge of the law, best evidence rules and effective interviewing skills.
Witness Interviewing 
Classroom Blended
This course will provide Counter Fraud Investigators whose duties include interviewing and gathering evidence in both external and internal fraud investigations; Counter Fraud Managers whose duties include the quality assurance of interviews and the evidence gathered and Accredited Counter Fraud Specialists who have identified this area for inclusion in their Continuing Professional Development programme with the skills and knowledge to effectively interview potential witnesses and draft statements to a professional standard.

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