Counter Fraud Strategy

Counter Fraud Investigation Guides and Policy Documents

PDA offers a service for the design and development of guides and policy documents. A maintenance service is also provided to ensure documents such as investigation guides are kept up to date.

Counter Fraud Strategy and Investigation

Many organisations have a Counter Fraud Strategy in place that is designed around known risk and detected fraud. This two day course aims to look at how we can measure our undetected fraud, the fraud we don’t know about, and then redesign our strategy to counter the true cost of fraud being perpetrated. Once we know the true level of fraud and its related cost, we can treat it like any other business cost and find ways to reduce it. Peter has a wealth of knowledge in developing counter fraud strategy gained from developing and implementing counter fraud strategy in two of the largest Government Departments in the UK. He has delivered this course and provided consultancy to clients both at home and abroad. For further details or to discuss a course booking please contact Peter at

Cyber Security

To provide Counter Fraud Investigators and Managers with a practical understanding of Cyber Security in the context of counter fraud investigation and investigation management.

Fraud Loss Measurement (FLM) 

To provide counter fraud staff with the skills and knowledge to understand the scale of the problem encountered through fraudulent activity and to recognise how the threat can be specifically addressed using loss measurement methodology.

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation

This two day course was developed for a client in Dubai and is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to enable them to design a fraud strategy and to prevent, detect and investigate allegations of fraud in a professional and ethical manner.

Investigating Cyber Fraud

To provide Counter Fraud Investigators with the skills and knowledge to successfully conduct investigations in cyber space through an understanding of how fraudsters use Cyber Space to commit Cyber Fraud.

Procurement Fraud (A Comprehensive Strategy)

This three day course was developed for a client in Kuala Lumpur and provides students with the knowledge and skills to prevent, detect and investigate instances of procurement fraud in a professional manner.

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