Fraud on the Dark Web – February 2021

Last updated: February 19, 2021

Fraud on the Dark Web – February 2021

Last updated: February 19, 2021

The PDA Fraud on the Dark Web – February 2021 bulletin has been released.

This quarterly bulletin looks at how changes in the dark web landscape affects the sale of fraud items and services.

This quarter we’ve seen a major market ‘exit scamming’, a flood of new fraud templates and significant fluctuations in pricing. See the full report below. 

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Key points and developments:

  • There were roughly 13,306 adverts for fraud-related items available in February 2021. This is slightly lower than in October 2020.
  • The three main markets identified for selling fraud items were ‘White House Market’,‘DARKODE’ and ‘Torrez’. 
  • Compromised accounts make up for the most advertised fraud item with roughly 6240 adverts, followed by fake identity documents (1602 adverts) and stolen personal information (2,000 adverts)
  • DarkMarket has recently closed/exit scammed – the next largest market is DARKODE, and has been steadily gaining popularity.
  • A sharp rise in ‘checking services’ (such as Criminal Background, Credit and Passport checks) has been seen.
  • The average cost of tutorials has dropped sharply, although most are poor quality.

Average Price Across Markets

ItemAvg. priceChange
Credit cards£20-£4
Fraud Tutorials£9-£39

Feb ’21 – Item cost by quarter

Due to the change in markets, it is difficult to accurately assess price trends. Whilst there seems to be a drop in prices across the board, the sharp drop in tutorial cost is due to DARKODE being flooded with a large number of cheap (and poor quality) tutorials.

Feb ’21 – Advert by type

Compromised accounts made up the majority of items for sale in February 2021, followed by Databases/PII and thenCards/CVVs.

Many databases are old ones being resold, with many freely available elsewhere.

Templates are popular across all marketplaces and have improved in quality, even since last quarter.

Feb ’21 – Advert types by marketplace

Compromised accounts are most popular on ToRRez and WHM, followed with leaked database. WHM has seen a surge in fake documents, many of which are of a very high quality.

DARKODE has a much smaller number of accounts than the other sites, likely due to it being a newer marketplace.

Feb ’21 – Advert types by quarter

The closing of DarkMarket makes it difficult to compare quarters, however we can see a steady rise of compromised accounts for sale, and roughly similar levels for other commodities.

Examples – Dark Web Market Adverts February 2021

An advert for a Credit Report template – these are good quality, and allow for easy, guided editing using Adobe Photoshop.

A similar advert for a UK passport template. This advert highlights the template’s use for verification.

This advert is for mixed credit and debit cards – this means the buyer will not know exactly what they are getting and has to trust on the sellers reputation. 

This shows that there is still very much a market for fake physical driving licenses, and they are significantly more expensive than digital documents/templates.

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