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Investigating Fraud on the Dark Web

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What the training covers

  • An understanding at foundation level of internet networking and methods of staying safe and anonymous whilst conducting online investigations.
  • An understanding of what the Dark Web is, and the unique opportunities it gives to fraudsters.
  • The legal, ethical and operational issues surrounding the use of the Dark Web.
  • How to stay safe whilst using Tor and viewing Dark Web sites.
  • Explore how ‘dark markets’ work, and examine their role in fraud.
  • How cryptocurrency is used on the Dark Web, and identify its core uses in fraud and money laundering.
  • A practical understanding of the methods available to combat fraud on the Dark Web.

The online course is between 6-10 hours long and involves a mixture of knowledge checks and practical exercises.

There is also a classroom delivered one day course that involves a knowledge check and extended practical exercise in the form of a mock Dark Web investigation.


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