Peter writes “For some months now the University of Portsmouth have been considering their position with regard to the provision of the secretariat function to the CFPAB.  They have now made their decision to completely withdraw from the CFPAB and in September 2019 the University of Northumbria took over the secretariat function of the CFPAB.  I regret the University of Portsmouth’s decision, particularly as I was the Chair of the Tender Board that in 1998 awarded the contract to the University of Portsmouth to accredit counter fraud training and provide the secretariat function.  In the light of the Cabinet Office revised investigation standards, PDA were the only commercial organisation who in 2017 had their syllabus and training materials reaccredited to take account of the revised standards.  Consequently PDA’s ACFS accreditation remains in place until August 2020.  

Moving forward, our ACFS certificates will continue to be issued by the CFPAB and we look forward to a constructive and professional working relationship with the University of Northumbria.”