This is the first Bulletin in an occasional series identifying and highlighting the fraud typology taking place on the Dark Web 

Key points and developments: 

  • There were roughly 14,000 adverts for fraud related items available in June 2020. 
  • The three main markets identified for selling fraud items were ‘Empire’, ‘White House Market’ and ‘Dark Market’. 
  • Compromised accounts make up for the most advertised fraud item with roughly 4,000 adverts, followed by fraud tutorials (2,200 adverts) and stolen personal information (2,000 adverts) 
  • As always, the price of credit cards and personal information varied greatly depending on a wide variety of factors. 
  • A new market aggregation dark net site named ‘Recon’ has allowed for easier searching across a number of markets. 
ItemAverage Price Across Markets
Credit Card/Bank Account 
Fraud Tutorial 
Personal Information/Documents 

Example – Dark Web Market Adverts from June 2020 

An advert for full information (known as ‘fullz’) on a UK citizen – a list of the type of information available can be seen on the left. This is often used to open new accounts or try to break into existing ones.

An advert for passport scans and high quality utility bills. These are often used by fraudsters for online verification/KYC.

An advert for custom scans of documents – the customer can request what documents they want and the seller will try to fulfil the order as closely as possible (for instance, ‘driving license of a UK male’). There have already been 708 sales of this product.

An advert for full UK information on a UK citizen, along with their credit score. This assists fraudsters in applying for loans and credit cards, and the examples given by the seller have a relatively high credit score backed with a great deal of information.