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Digital Document Fraud (Online)

A large part of our interactions with companies is now conducted online. Customers expect to be able to set up accounts, pay bills, and request assistance, all without having to be present themselves or bring in hard copies of their identification.

As such, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to ask for digital copies, photographs of identity documents and similar to try to ascertain the true identity of the customer. Whilst this is more convenient for the customer, digital documents are much more easily tampered with, copied or faked than hard copies – creating a greater risk of application fraud.

The Digital Document Fraud course was set up to help mitigate those risks by teaching ways to detect tampering with documents and emails. This online course involves both a theory and a practical element, to give students the chance to practice their skills on tampered documents. It also involves a final knowledge check and a written assessment, with individual feedback.

The main elements this course covers are:

  • Methodologies to detect if photos/image files have been manipulated.
  • Methodologies to detect if document files such as PDF/word files have been tampered with.
  • A close look at what extra information (metadata) we can pull out of those files that may give us clues to who the sender is, or any anomalies.
  • As emails are the primary methodology for sending these documents in, the course teaches methods in which emails themselves can be assessed for anomalies which might point to fraudulent activity.
  • How to put together a professional report on the above areas.

This course can be taken at any time and there are no set enrolment or completion dates.

A classroom based version of this course is also available

31 December 2099

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