Online Training

Digital Document Fraud

As our interactions with companies shifts online, it’s becoming increasingly common for requests of digital identification to ascertain the true identity of the customer. Unfortunately, digital documents are much more easily tampered with, copied or faked than hard copies. The Digital Document Fraud course teaches ways to detect this and involves both a theory and a practical element, a final knowledge check, and a written assessment with individual feedback. NB Also available as a classroom based course.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT Foundation)

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course is specifically designed for counter-fraud professionals and has a strong focus on the type of subject focussed intelligence gathering that is useful for investigations, rather than the more general approach of other OSINT courses. NB Also available as a classroom based course.

Investigating Fraud on the Dark Web

Dark Nets such as Tor are parts of the internet which are closed off from the usual ‘surface web’ we use every day – they require special software to access, and can’t be searched as we usually would. They afford almost complete anonymity to users which make them very attractive to fraudsters.

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