Counter Fraud


What the training covers (Foundation)


  • The core concepts of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and link analysis
  • The legal framework surrounding OSINT enquiries
  • The basics of online networking (such as geolocation and IP addresses)
  • A basic OSINT investigation using freely available online tools
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and red herrings in OSINT investigations
  • How to collate OSINT data on potential suspects through the use of practical methodologies


What the training covers (Advanced)


  • Advanced OSINT techniques, including investigation best practices and division of resources.
  • The use of device and connection analysis data to supplement the investigation.
  • Remain anonymous whilst conducting investigations.
  • Searching for leaked data on the surface and ‘dark web’.
  • How to conduct a full OSINT investigation. This part of the course will use a completely self-contained test area, with our own hardware.


This subject is delivered in two modules, a FOUNDATION module and an ADVANCED module. Modules can be combined and tailored to customers’ requirements. To obtain maximum benefit from the ADVANCED module, students must have an understanding of how to investigate Cyber Fraud at a foundation level. The course is very interactive being practical skills and knowledge based.


The FOUNDATION module is delivered over one day. The ADVANCED module is delivered over three days.



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