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Welcome to the PDA Counter Fraud Learning Hub, a learning resource for all counter fraud specialists. Although primarily a resource for students undertaking our accredited courses the information is available to all students who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the counter fraud community. The web links and information will provide students with access to research material located in one place. Material will be added to the hub on a regular basis.



  1. The National Fraud Authority (NFA) was set up following a recommendation in the government 2006 Fraud Review Report. The NFA produced an Annual Fraud Indicator highlighting the cost of fraud to the economy. The NFA closed in March 2014 with its work and responsibilities being transferred to other organisations including the City of London Police (COLP), National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Home Office. The following link provides access to the NFA’s final Annual Fraud Indicator of 2013
    National Fraud Authority – Annual Fraud Indicator – Gov.uk
  2. The government cross party anti-corruption plan
  3. The 2014 KPMG Fraud Barometer includes useful information on fraud types and fraud losses by UK region
    Fraud Barometer 2014 report | KPMG | UK
  4. The 2007 report commissioned by ACPO
    Nature, Extent and Economic Impact of Fraud in – Cardiff … 
  5. The latest report provides information on the cost of fraud around the world
    The Financial Cost of Fraud Report 2015 – PKF Littlejohn
  6. The government Fraud Review Final Report and Progress Report July 2007
    North East Fraud Forum | Government Fraud Review
  7. The 2011 KPMG report examining the typical fraudster
    KPMG Analysis Of Global Patterns Of Fraud; Who is the typical fraudster (pdf)
  8. The 2013 KPMG report examining the profile of the fraudster based on research from around the world
    Global profiles of the fraudster White-collar crime – present and future (pdf)
  9. To find out more about fraudster profiling and to supplement the reports at numbers 7 and 8, read Padgett S (2015) ‘Profiling the Fraudster’ – Chichester, Wiley
  10. For background information about the role of the ACFS, read Tunley M, Whittaker A, Gee J, Button M, (2015) ‘The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook’ – Chichester, Wiley
    If you attend a PDA ACFS training course you will receive a copy of this publication
  11. For a full list of MG Forms including information on their completion
  12. The Local Government Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy
    Fighting fraud and corruption locally: 2016 to 2019 – Publications…
  13. The background to the SFIS
  14. Bassett Telecom Report – The Importance of Quantifying Fraud
  15. A Report by the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser –  Distributed Ledger Technology – How we think about and store data
  16. Fighting Fraud Together, The strategic plan to reduce fraud 2011
  17. National Audit Office – Fraud Landscape Review 2016
  18. Counter Fraud Task Force – Interim Report
    Eliminating Public Sector Fraud – Counter Fraud Taskforce Interim …
  19. Annual Fraud Indicator 2016
  20. Various information on Intelligence, Detention and Custody, Investigation, Investigative Interviewing
  21. Cabinet Office, Identity Fraud, A Study, (2002)
  22. The College of Policing – Guidance on Investigative interviewing
  23. A study by the University of Portsmouth showing that the Justice System deals with fewer than 2% of detected fraudsters
  24. The latest data from around the world compiled by the University of Portsmouth Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (Professor Mark Button) and Crowe Clarke Whitehill (Jim Gee)
    www.croweclarkwhitehill.co.uk/…the financial cost of fraud 2017


For data showing the increases in various reported fraud crimes in England and Wales download the excel spreadsheet in the following link
For information on reported fraud crime shown on a county by county basis go to the following link



  1. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Codes of Practice A to H
    Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) codes of …



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