Forensic Document Analysis

Metadata is data attached to a file that tells you about the file itself. Common metadata which you will be used to seeing is the data which tells you when a file was created. However, in certain cases the metadata can tell you much more, such as identifying the file’s creator, sender and if the file has been altered post creation.

Forensic Document Analysis Course (One Day)
This one day course gives the attendees the tools and knowledge needed to analyse the metadata on files that can highlight fraudulent behaviour, and create from that a standardised metadata report to assist in an investigation. The course also contains a module on analysing email headers and content, along with some relevant digital forensics.

Forensic Document Analysis Course (Two Day)
The two-day course provides the material covered on the one day course in more detail, and looks at a wider variety of file types along with some relevant digital forensics (such as Error Level Analysis). It also contains a greater practical element.

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