What our students are saying;

ACFTech Course, M.Richards

19th November 2015

“A fab course delivered to a very high standard – everything was explained in an understanding manner – I’m not left feeling I do not understand anything. Handout was very good – thank you Peter”
M Richards

ACFTech Course, R.Faytaren

19th November 2015

“Brilliant course! For 5 days I was engaged on various subject matters. The course content was informative and explained clearly. The quiz daily was a nice touch to recall the learning from the previous day. Final day was very good – learnt more about interviewing”
R Faytaren

ACFS Training, H.Grenville

19th November 2015

“I have really enjoyed Modules 1 and 2 of the ACFS course. Pete is an engaging and supportive instructor who has imparted a great deal of knowledge in an effective manner”
H Grenville

ACFS Training, I.Rodway

19th November 2015

“A refreshing change to the usual ’powerpoint’ based training. Trainer’s knowledge and wealth of experience made all the difference. Very satisfied that it has been so interactive and comments have been welcomed at all times. Overall the course has been a pleasure to attend, and despite initial nerves, the practical side, i.e. interview and court have been made far more interesting by use of excellent actors – many thanks”
I Rodway

ACFS Training, D.Mulhall

19th November 2015

“I attended an ACFS course instructed by Peter. Although I had been working in fraud prevention since 2007 I took a great deal of information away with me from Peter’s lessons.
His overall knowledge of fraud prevention, financial crime and investigation techniques was brilliant. His ability to convey the course work as well draw from his own experiences of his time in the civil service was a fantastic addition to the classroom interaction. Outside the classroom his assistance was at hand, often providing advice over email to me during my assessed coursework. I highly recommend booking a course through Peter. Not only was the material covered both insightful & relevant but to have it taught by someone who was patient, interesting and had copious amounts of fraud investigation experience was a great bonus.”
D Mulhall

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